Goodrich Volume Pedals

Model 120

This pedal has long been a favorite of the pros because of its simplicity and dependability, and because it does what it's supposed to do - controls volume smoothly and quietly. Use either output for driving one amp or two outputs for two amps.

Item #GOOD01 $164.00

Model L120 * Low profile *

Same as 120 just one inch shorter

Item #GOOD02 $184.00

Model H-10K "Super Pot"

The use of a 10K ohm pot greatly reduces the tendency of the pot to become noisy. The circuitry used results in an absolute minimum of frequency loss, extremely quiet operation and a total harmonic distortion of less than one tenth of one percent.

Item #GOOD05 $238.00

Model L-10K "Super Pot"

Same As The H-10K Just one Inch Shorter.

Item #GOOD04 $256.00

* Temporarily Out of Production *
Model LDR

No Pot, No Battery, And No Moving Parts That Can Wear Out (No Contact Between Electronic Operative Parts) NO TONAL CHANGE From FULL ON To FULL OFF. 2 Selective INPUTS - Plug Into NORMAL Mode Or BRIGHT Mode. EXTREMELY Quiet And FREE Of Distortion.
W/US120V Power Supply

Item #GOOD18 $249.00

* Temporarily Out of Production *
Model LDR

W/World Wide Power Supply

Item #GOOD21 $271.00

Super Sustain Match Box 7A

This has battery on-off switch. Full year warranty on everything. This model 7A has a true variable gain, not just a pot acting as a variable L-pad.

Item #GOOD10 $184.00

Steel Driver III

This unit has been physically redesigned to allow the use of type J pots, reducing the possibility of pot noise. When in the steel mode, it is similar to the Super Sustain Match Box, including an impedance matching tone control. In the fuzz mode, it provides a distortion-fuzz circuit which can be adjusted from mild distortion to full fuzz by turning the depth knob. The output level of each mode can be independently adjusted. Battery life: 1 year

Item #GOOD11 $275.00

Attachment Pedal Bracket

Item #GOOD13 $34.00

500K Potentiometer

Item #GOOD14 $29.00

10K Potentiometer

Item #GOOD15 $29.00

Match-Bro Bar (Synthetic)

Item #GOOD16 $36.00

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