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Scotty’s 43rd Annual
International Steel Guitar Convention
August 28th, 29th and 30th 2014

A Word From Scotty

We are all excited about our move to the St. Louis Airport Marriott for the 2014 International Steel Guitar Convention. Everything we had at the Millennium will be at the Marriott, with variations. We don’t quite have the ballroom we had, but theirs is large enough to suit our needs. The "Down Home" feeling we have enjoyed for the past thirty years, will continue at our new home.

We’ve had many exciting conventions over the years, and this year is no exception. What excites me about this year’s convention, is that we are a bit smaller and it is like going back to our roots when we had more time to be with the players, meet new friends and have an intimacy we have not had with our audience in many years. We have had many of the pioneer players and some of them are still with us. We hope to continue to add additional players as time permits.

If you have never attended our convention, this surely is the one not to miss! Make your plans to attend now.

See you there.


Our Hawaiian Connection:

Hawaiian Seminar by Alan Akaka
Friday August 29th
Starting at 9am

TOUCH – The Key to Obtaining that Sweet “Hawaiian” Sound on Your Steel Guitar

You don’t need a Mai Tai to get that truly Hawaiian sound. So how are you supposed to get that Hawaiian tone and feel? In a word, TOUCH!

I watched a number of YouTube videos with steelers playing Hawaiian songs and can place all in one of two categories: 1) plays with Hawaiian touch and 2) does not play with Hawaiian touch.

From those two categories there are three subcategories: 1) displays mastery of the steel guitar, 2) technique is good, but plays notes rather than music and 3) needs improvement on basic fundamentals on technique and musicality.

This seminar is geared for everyone who has a passion to play the lap steel in the Hawaiian style. In this seminar, I’ll share with you some of my ideas on how to create that sweet “Hawaiian” sound on your steel guitar. 

Here’s what I’ll cover:
1. Brief history of the Hawaiian steel guitar
2. Describe and demonstrate playing the “Hawaiian style” with emphasis on touch
3. How to transform notes to music (playing technique)
4. Tips to improve palm and finger harmonics
5. How to play background fills and Hawaiian vamps (aka turnarounds)
6. Practice tips that work

For demonstration purposes I will select volunteers to teach on the spot, but you must have your own lap steel and a portable amp or acoustic lap steel.

When the seminar is done you will be thinking of sunny blue skies, cool tradewinds, swaying coco palms, azure seas, and a yummy Mai Tai.

See you all at my Hawaiian Style Playing seminar!

Alan Akaka

Our confirmed players (so far) are:

Al Brisco
Al Perkins
Alan akaka
Bill Stafford
Billy Robinson
Chuck Lettes
Del Mullen
Doug Jernigan
herb Steiner
Jim Vest
Joan Cox
Joe Wright
Johnny Farina
Lynn Owsley
Mike Johnson *
Mike Sigler
Mike Sweeney
Mitsuo Fujii
Ron Elliott
Russ Hicks
Yosinori Ogino

Johnny Bush 
Mike Siler
Leona Williams
Ron Williams
Donna Darlene

*: had to Cancel due to touring schedule.


This year's ISGC will be held at the
Newly Renovated...
St. Louis Airport Marriott

The International Steel Guitar Convention is very happy to announce that we are moving to the St. Louis Airport Marriott Hotel.  This hotel has recently been renovated and is beautiful and completely up to date.  We are very pleased with their friendliness and willingness to work with us.

Here are some of the advantages we think you’ll like:
        - Room rate $95 per night (plus tax) *
        - Refrigerator in every room
        - Safe in every room
        - Free handicap amenities
        - Free shuttle to and from the airport
        Best of all………….
        - FREE PARKING

The hotel has waived their parking charge which includes an in and out privilege so that you can go out whenever you want.  The restaurant is excellent and the prices are competitive.  We are very excited about this move and we hope that you will be too!  The dates for the 2014 International Steel Guitar Convention are August 28th, 29th and 30th.

*: Until July 31st.


St. Louis Airport Marriott
10700 Pear Tree Lane, St. Louis MO 63134-4100
Phone: 800-228-9290
Be sure to mention that you are attending the ISGC and use Group #ISGC2014 to get all these amenities.  If you register using their special web page (ISGC2014), it just might take the hassle out of making your reservations.

For Ticket Information Contact:
The International Steel Guitar Convention
9535 Midland Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63114-3314
Phone: 314-427-7794 * Fax: 314-427-0516
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Convention Registration:
Thursday Night ‘Hall Of Fame’ Fund Raising Show: $10.00
Friday: $35.00 * Saturday: $35.00
Friday/Saturday 2-Day Advanced Registration: $60.00

Keep an eye on this web page for the latest information
as it becomes available.
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We look forward to seeing you in St. Louis!

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