Has Been Cancelled
For 2016


The past several months have provided a series of ups and downs in the life of the Scott family. The passing of our father has been a blow that continues to be difficult. We have been searching for a way to continue the legacy of one of the greatest gifts to the steel guitar world - Scotty’s Convention. From the very first show the legacy was kept alive by the labor of many people with the heart of Scotty beating life into the wonderful collection of steel guitar talent.  However, our efforts to keep the spirit alive have failed in that we cannot secure funding to run the show. Without funding we are sad to announce that we must cancel Scotty’s International Steel Guitar Convention for 2016. 

Scotty had his first steel show in 1968. The Scott family provided the muscle and manpower under the guidance of Scotty and just plain made it happen. We were all very young and none of us knew that this show was the beginning of a long run of steel music. Two more years of putting on the small shows finally gave way to the graduation to a full blown convention. 

The Scott family always found a way to bring together just about the right amount of “elbow grease” to make the show a pleasant affair for the fans that come to enjoy year after year. Scotty often said that sometimes we had more luck than sense but we always made it work. That enthusiasm to make it work came directly from Scotty and his relentless passion for the music of the steel guitar. The Scott family actually grew up around the convention as evidenced that we had four generations of Scott’s working the show.

Of course there was the Scott extended family. This extension was comprised of musicians, friends and friends of friends that just wanted to be part of one the greatest shows around. The week before the convention was always festive in nature. Old friends became house guests and new friends learned how to sleep on the floor anywhere in the Scott house. 

For 44 years it has been our pleasure to present the greatest steel guitar music to the best music fans on earth. We will be grateful to the end of our days that we spent a good portion of our lives with you, fellow fans of the steel guitar. Our lives are better that you are part of it. Thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts.

The Scott family


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