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Pedal Steel Guitar by Winnie Winston/Bill Keith

A Complete Guide To The Pedal Steel Guitar. Beginning To Advanced Instruction In The E9 Tuning And An Introduction To C6 Tuning. Special Sections On Additional Knee Levers, Chord Theory And Its Application, Right Hand Blocking And Set-Up And Maintenance Of The Instrument. Fully Illustrated With Photos And Diagrams. In Pedal Steel Tablature. Includes The Personal Tunings Of: Al Perkins, Buddy Cage, Curly Chalker, Hal Rugg, Weldon Myrick, Pete Drake And Many Other Professional Greats.

Book and CD

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Memory Time Solo Book By "Little" Roy Wiggins

E 13th Tuning
Bouquet Of Roses, It's A Sin, Who At My Door Is Standing, I Walk Alone, I'll Hold You In My Heart, Mommy Please Stay Home With Me, I'm Throwing Rice, Anytime, Cattle Call, Molly Darling, One Kiss Too Many, Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair.

Book & Solo CD

Book ITEM #RE2391 $17.99

Instruction by Jim Molberg

Basic Music Theory; A Simplified Approach

The Material In This Book Has Been Arranged With One Aim In Mind - To Make Music Theory As Simple And Logical As It Can Be. This Has Been Brought About By Using An Approach That Is Slightly Different From The Conventional. However, Those Who Have Learned Music Theory By The Technique Used In This Book Have Found It To Be Far Easier To Understand And Remember. In Addition, The Method Used Here Helps When Trying To Understand The Conventional Approach.

Book Only

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Beginner Non Pedal Steel Guitar Lessons

Getting started, Picks & Picking, Bar, Damping, Reading Tablature, Timing, Tunings, A Major, Octave & Harmonic Tuning method. Technique, Front Slants, Determining Harmony Notes, E 7th Tuning, C# Minor Tuning, Minor Chords, C 6th Tuning, Transposing, Harmonics, Reverse Slants, Intros, Improvising & Backing, Boogie Pattern, 12 Bar Blues, Other Tunings - E 6th (Now is the Hour)

Book Only

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Don Helms
Your Cheatin' Heart 

The Long Awaited Songbook Of One Of The Most Popular Players Of All Time. These Ten Tunes Are Among The Most Popular Songs Sung By Hank Williams. Computer Enhanced Tablature For Easy Reading. The Tab And Cassette Features The Intro, Backup Behind The Singer, The Turn Around And The Ending Of Each Song. You Will Be Surprised That Don Never Used The E13th Tuning As We Know It. He Had The 7th And 8th Strings Tuned To C# And A, AND He Never Once Used A Slant Bar Position! The Solo Book Can Be Played On The 6 Or 8 String Guitar As Don Never Used The 7th And 8th Strings In This Book.

Song List:
Your Cheating Heart, Hey Good Looking, Jambalaya, Mansion On The Hill, Take These Chains From My Heart, I  Saw The Light, You Win Again, Wedding Bells, Cold Cold Heart, Iím So Lonesome I Could Cry.

Book & Solo R/T CD Item #HELMS4 $19.99

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